Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Urghh...okay I've been rubbish and not updated in a while again. I've been horrendously busy, and that's no lie. Due to work the only free time I really have is at the weekend or evenings if I got enough sleep the night before - it's really taking it's toll on my career ambitions! I have 20 odd days to take off work though, I'm thinking towards the end of summer I'm just gonna take them all off in one chunk and get my portfolio up to scratch.

Usually the stuff on my blog gets done in a couple of hours, but I managed to get this one done in three days. What on Earth is happening?!

The science job is still super enjoyable (apart from the odd very upsetting blood sample. Had to deal with one last week which pretty much broke me) but in my head it's just getting me money for a future animation job. Still, when I leave I'm going to super, super miss it!

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