Friday, 7 September 2012

RAGHH! I'm back


Goshdarnit I haven't been very good at updating this have I? I have been drawing though! And I have lots of personal projects and things lined up. I will be better I promise.

Here are a couple of environment designs (??!). They're not for anything, just for fun. Although I reeeeaaaaaallly wanna do a point click game now. I have other environments but they're a bit poop so I don't want to show you guys yet. I wanna get my character stuff looking better because I don't do enough characters.

So much has happened!! I don't even know where to begin. I'm still at the lab, and it's still mega fun and the money is schweet but am continuing my job hunt for next year. Fingers crossed I'll have better luck this time! In the meantime I'm stepping up my freelancing. I'm gonna do shedloads of stuff. I'm also going to ditch some of the older posts on this blog and make it pretty! (this blog currently spans about 3 years and have 400+ posts on it. There are plenty of terrible drawings at the beginning of it..).

What else..I went to Bloodstock and saw Alice Cooper and that was pretty awesome! I wanted to stay there forever, metal fans are the nicest, awesomest bunch of people in the world.

Sprinkles the snake is still alive and well...and he's getting fat (and he's not the only one..I should probably start working out a little..) He's currently around the 3ft mark and weighs about 850g. For comparison, when I got him in January he could fit in the palms of my hand and weighed 300g. He's the bestest though! When I move I'm determined to get another one. I will call him Sparkles. Sprinkles and Sparkles.

That's about it! I'm going to work on my comic. It's called "The Attack of the Marshmallow Dinosaurs". I'm not even kidding.


  1. backgrounds look great! :D i would be a little surprised if your comic wasn't called attack of the marshmallow dinosaurs or at least something like that to be honest :P

  2. These are awesome! I wouldn't delete old stuff on your blog, because people can see how much you have improved (so can you) :D And pleaaase make a point and click game, I love them xx

  3. Ahh thankyou so much guys! :) I shall Steph! xx