Thursday, 24 May 2012

Art Survey! For fun.

Your name?
Amy Rowan Moffitt...the first!

◆If possible, your age?
21, although a few weeks away from being 22. Then it's all downhill from there...

◆When did you start drawing?

When I could pick up a pencil, which according to my Mum was when I was about 2 or 3. They were probably rubbish drawings back then.

◆Which hand do you use for drawing?
My right!

◆Which is easier to draw - male or female?

Females for sure, they seem to have more distinctive shapes then men do.

◆Which is easier to draw - long hair or short hair?

I guess short hair, but not really sure!

◆Is it easier to draw the head facing towards the right or the left?

The left, maybe something to do with drawing with my right hand.

◆Is it easier to draw the side view of the face or the front view?

I find the side view harder to get right, but I tend to draw faces from a 3/4 view cause I find that's easier than drawing a front view :P

◆What do you have problems in drawing?

Hands, feet, legs. I find it super hard to get drawings to look '3D', they always tend to look kinda flat like you're looking at them on a stage or something. 

◆What do you like to draw?

Background designs and buildings, dinosaurs, unicorns...magical things! Also lots of really super cool ladies.

◆Are you a traditional artist or a digital artist?

Although I draw everything on paper, I'm definitely more digital. Throw me a pencil and a set of watercolours and I'm frightened. 

◆Where do you start drawing from?

I draw a grid thing on the paper really lightly then sketch out where I want everything to be, then map out rough stick figures in positions I think will work. It's a total mess at the beginning.

◆What is your drawing habit that you are aware of?

I start to draw things that are super dynamic, and then I think "I'm not good enough to draw that!" and totally scrap it. My sketchbooks are full of rough scribbles that I'll never look at again. I think I need more confidence, as does every artist!

◆Any tips for coloring/shading?

I can only really talk from a digital point of view! I do all my block colours first, then the shadows get blocked on, then I use gradients to give the image more of a 3D look. When I'm finished with the colours and shading I use the 'Curves' option on Photoshop to bring out the dark areas and light areas, and do a bit of colour adjusting. Then textures, lots and lots of textures!

◆How long does it take to finish a piece of art?

A full A4 image takes maybe up to 3/4 hours. I tend to rush stuff cause I like to see the finished thing!

◆What music do you listen to while you draw?

Depends what mood I'm in really. In Uni I made a playlist which inspired me to draw cowboy and sci-fi related things, so I had a bit of Muse in there, and the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack, and some other bits and pieces. Nowadays it's whatever I like at the moment! Right now it's Justice.

◆How long does it take you to come up with an idea?

When I was in Uni I was constantly around people and artwork that inspired me, so my head was always full of ideas! Nowadays I tend to struggle. I think I get waves of inspiration, and then a lull. Sometimes I'll have a really strong idea in my head and then it'll take me a few hours to get it down onto paper though.

◆Your favorite drawing utensils?

Cheap pencils (usually novelty ones), a Wacom Intuos 4 and Photoshop CS5 :)

◆Your favorite color/the color that you use a lot?

Oranges, greens and purples. 

◆Your favorite style(s)?

I love quirky stuff, and things that are a little bit crazy. I like alot of different styles though, couldn't just pick one!

◆What kind of artist are you aiming for?
I'd kill for an artist/designer position in an animation studio, even a background colourist! I wanna see my name on the credits of something. I'm sure with a bit of perseverance and confidence I'll be able to do it. I'd like to freelance I bit more too.

Now all of you artists do this too!! 

It's crazy hot outside. I don't know how I'm going to get to sleep tonight. Yay summer!

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