Monday, 15 November 2010

Mars and Collab Thumbs and stuff!

Needed a little break from After Effects research, so I did some collab thumbs. Again, backgrounds all belong to Darren and are part of his film.

These fire escape ones were super quick. Trying to be a bit braver with the colours...

lol, I kind of like how the park turned out with a bit of colour tweeking. The literal bubblegum colours might be a little too...blatant? Not sure. I still like it :) May need to convince Darren though.

Ahh I love colouring backgrounds lots and lots! Was definitely my favourite part of last year. I have a feeling I will enjoy it just as much this year with my new animators!

Here's more orange too, while we're here. I did these ages ago, and came to the conclusion that I really can't move away from orange too much. I'm still struggling with my confidence on the colours front. Anything unsaturated scares me!

My good friend Luke designed me some awesome cowgirl outfits too, which I shall be using! Thankyou Luke! :D It's his birthday in a couple of hours too, so happy birthday!!! xxx


  1. Oooh, I likes the purple stairs, I was thinking the Big Bas Boss's hall would be purple, maybe I'll go back to red for that and have a purple Alley...

    and I wouldn't worry about Cowboys and Aliens, it wont be out til after you finish, just don't watch the trailer, coming this wednesday, *smiles to camera

  2. yeah the park is nice but i'm not sure the colour on the bridge and the distant trees works....I think a little too saturated....or the foreground isn't saturated enough. I like the colour of the purple stairs aswell but think that the green works better. good stuff

  3. Oooh comments! Thankyou!

    I'll let you both fight out the colours. I was just trying to get some visuals done to make a start. We can try the boss's hall in both purple and red - no point just doing one colour then being happy with it. It's nice to see all the options! I do think a separate colour scheme for each section might be a cool idea? Would give some variety anyway.

    I thought the green stairs kinda worked. I did the purple ones first, so I'm too used to looking at them now!

    Julian - feel free to tweak the colours you don't think work :) I'll bring the PSD files in for you at some point if you don't feel like recolouring the whole thing.