Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Here's a new background I've been working on the last couple of days. Really pleased with how this one turned out, which is something I rarely ever say! My tutor liked the graphic novel-y look so I'm tempted to work towards getting it in this style. Originally, I was going to have two light sources and have one of them at a really weird angle, but I got a bit stumped so I'll possibly go back to that on another background. Just one light source for now!

I've also attempted a night version. I forgot to add stars though! I need to play around with the lighting some more but I think I'm getting there with this attempt.

This is the version without any shading, just the base colours...

...and here are the 'finished' ones.

I also started doing some colour/lighting keys. Here's the base I was using. Not very exciting though!

Lastly, a couple of doodles, because why not!

I got Undead Nightmare for Red Dead. I've played about 20 minutes and so far it's hilariously awesome! Dead Eye + lots of zombies = awesome.