Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Vectoring pt. 1

Okay, so here is my first 'panel' for the poster. This is going to go on the right of the poster. I've made it a bit too wide so will need to resize it once I've done the other panels.

This is unfinished. I'm going to be adding shadows and more details and pattern textures on Photoshop. I want to use some intricate patterns which would take me a billion years to vector on Photoshop, so I'm hoping this will be time saving and still look good. Probably need to tweak certain areas too...

I wanted to use something iconic from the film, which seemed to be the yellow scarf/dress that the woman is wearing. I've tried to stylise it. What I'll probably end up doing is colorising it so that it's all yellow, but I can do all that later on once the other panels are done. I quite like the colours though..

I'm kinda unsure about what to do with the 'background'. In the film she's in a train station at this point. Thing is, I don't want to do too much to it because I want the focus to be on her. I was think perhaps a pattern, or maybe some linework, but I'm not sure. I'd appreciate some feedback!

But yeah...on to panel 2 I guess.

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