Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Okay so I've been filtering through my (scribbles) thumbnails and have come back to a couple I really liked. This is really going to show off my drawing ability this...

Ohhh yes.

Anyway, yeah this is what I may end up doing. Originally I was going for a cluttered, lots-of-things-happening kind of image, but it was looking exactly how I didn't want it to look. So what I've done is organised the cluttered images into boxes and given them some clarity. I've chosen what I think are some of the key parts of the film and given them each a seperate box, which will have it's own colour scheme. I've got a couple of examples of what I'm trying to do...

This guy is called Dave Perillo. Super quirky vector stuff.

(Ha, I just remembered something. After I finished the major project in Uni, I swore I wouldn't touch Illustrator all summer, and here I am wanting to use it again. Next poster will be hand drawn!)

My poster will be set out differently to these, and the characters will be more...human shaped. I'm kinda trying to smoosh (???) up Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo.

...Garghh I want his posters all over my house.

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