Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I seem to have hit some kind of artists block, which is a little frustrating because I was really in the zone yesterday. I've been at this poster for pretty much a whole day and night and I've got nothing I'm happy with or potentially happy with.

I'm still undecided on which direction to approach it from. I kind of know what style to do it in and can see it in my head, but I need to get the design just right. I tried drawing something really minimalist, which kind of worked but didn't give the 'woooah!' factor I'm after. I then tried to do something awesome and busy and colourful and I just can't seem to get it right.

I had a look at some Bollywood posters to get some inspiration, and have also looked at other famous movie posters so I can get a better idea of what I'm trying to do, and narrow the ideas down.

Haha! Okay I'm not going to go completely Bollywood...I wanted to look at these mainly to see how they're composed. I think that's what I'm struggling with the most...I know what I want to put on this poster but I'm trying to make it look awesome and not cliche. But it's so difficult! Everything seems to have been done before...

(I really, really wanna see that shark film!)

I then went on this list of film posters.

I think I just need to battle on for now and see what happens. I might end up working straight onto Illustrator, because I can't really see what I'm doing with all this manic scribbling!

Need some help!!...

...or I might give up and carry on playing Tomb Raider. That sounds more fun right now.

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