Monday, 28 June 2010

Movie poster prep...

Okay, so I've been getting some stuff ready for my first movie poster design!

I've done quite a few pages of scribbles and thumbnails, and got some ideas for layouts and things. I would scan them in but I'm a little embarrassed about how rough they are! I did start off with some made up films (mostly involving sci fi and aliens and robots and stuff) but then moved onto doodling bits of jungle and cave girls (???), which led onto wanting to draw dinosaurs, which led onto wanting to do a poster for Jurassic Park.

One of my friends said the Jurassic Park poster was too awesome, and suggested I do a poster for Slumdog Millionaire. This is kinda cool cause I was going to ask my poster-designing partner in crime, Mat, if we could do a series of Danny Boyle posters. Mat's blog can be found mmhere!

I've seen the film quite recently, so I remember it enough to jot down the main points. I really want to include loads of details and things, but not so much that it gives away the plot.

Okay, time to completely embarrass myself but it's the only bit of evidence I've got to prove I've been working on this thing. Here is my oh-so-informative page of stuff that I remember in Slumdog. The bits in red I want to include in some way on the poster.

Spoilers may be present...I think...

That was painful.

Anyway yeah, I've got myself a number of screenshots and so next step is to start thumbnailing ideas down.

For the colour scheme, I've found a completely awesome site which I'm going to use for everything in the future. Basically, it lets you create colour schemes and shows you which colours compliment eachother and it's pretty neat. The link is HERE. (OhHooo! I love doing that linking thing.)

I'm still pondering if I should make it all colourful and keep the colours close to the film, or go all Tom Whalen and limit the pallet. Both can be achieved easily on photoshop so I'll have a play around after I've vectored it.


I'd really like some feedback on my thumbnails, so if anyone is reading this and can let me know what they think, that would be dandy. I'll get some scanned in soon! I'll probably end up just going ahead with something anyway though...


  1. Well whoever suggested Slumdog is clearly awesome and should stay nameless..

    and call your kitten bagheera!

  2. Indeed :)

    Kitten naming is no longer up to me. The other members of the household are useless at picking names. I've resorted to just calling him 'hey', which he now responds to..