Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Doctor Who

For my research, I went straight to one of my favourite artists, Stephen Silver. I wanted another look at a piece of art he did from a little while back:

Apart from the really great style, I really liked how he'd managed to capture all the character's traits so well! So this was shoved into my research page instantly.

Then after that wonderful piece of inspiration, I came across the most appalling spin off show I think I've ever seen! I usually find something to love in any animation, but Doctor Who: Dreamland is horrible. I'm not a huge fan of Doctor Who, although I've really enjoyed David Tennant as the doctor and some of the writers they have know how to do creepy! So, my new idea was to attempt to redesign some of the Doctor Who characters in 2D. Here's my first concept image, with Stephen Silver influence:

I'm not sure about the Rose image (that's who it's supposed to be anyway...) but I'm sort of happy with how the doctor turned out! I need to tell myself this isn't finished and to move away from this design, but I'm going to find it difficult I think. All I know is this is what I'm going to go with. I need to start drawing some villains now! Oh, and develop this idea, of course...


  1. I like DrWho - you can tell right away who its meant to be - not sure about Rose though, next to him you know who it is but on her own I'm not sure

  2. Yeah like I said I'm not happy with Rose lol She's really difficult to draw :s I might stick with the doctor for now and go back to the ladies after!