Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Early Failed Ideas

Originally, I was set on two ideas for character redesigning; the film Alien and the TV series House. I tried to choose things that had small casts with characters that would be easy to replicate because they had lots of character and establishing features.

When I got to the concept stage, however, I hit a number of problems. These drawings were the first I came up with for Alien:

The idea I had was to try and take the characters and made them more 'child friendly' and create an animated version that a younger audience would enjoy. However, I know this wasn't going to work when I drew these. The style doesn't fit the series at all, and I didn't really enjoy drawing them. I even tried doing some thumbnail sketches to see if I could find a way around it, but no luck:

Although these scribbles were fun to do, they made me realise just how difficult it was to change the form of Ripley and the alien, and so have left it as it is. Still, I might consider it for the title sequence! I have some ideas already for it...

With Alien failed, I tried to do House concepts. These had exactly the same problem as the Alien ones, too mature a series and couldn't replicate the characters enough. I tried doing a more realistic sketch so I could have a go at getting a sort of...comic effect but no luck. I nearly had one breakthrough though with the last image, but I really didn't have a good feeling about doing the other characters like that so have given up on it.

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