Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dr Who Concepts

One of my biggest weaknesses (although I'm told it could also be a strength...) is that when I have an idea, I tend to run with it and find it almost impossible to pull away from that idea at all, or even attempt to develop it. To be honest I find it incredibly annoying, and would like to shake off this weakness as best as possible. So with this project, I've been trying not to stick with an idea, even if I love it, and I can always go back to it later on. This is my learning curve!

These two pages of scribbles were mainly to establish shapes more than anything. I find women easier to draw in the long run, but for the really cartoon-y stuff I find men easier to draw. I'm really struggling to get Rose and Martha looking right, but I think some of these scribbles could be developed. I like one of the doodles I did for Rose's face in the bottom one.

My usual way of drawing is to get a 2H pencil and get a basic shape down, then finish the drawing with a fineliner or heavier pencil. To get a different looking style, I just went for it with the fineliner! I won't use these for my final design, but they were fun to do and will probably take the anatomy of them further. Also, I think I built my confidence up with the fineliner...

These next drawings were just trying to have fun with the style I used on the Jordan Jermz characters I did in the last project. I'm thinking of doing the final characters very vector-y looking and textured. I shrank the doctor's neck in this drawing because maybe the previous doodle was too long, but I think it's taken his character back. I think when I develop the doctor more, I will probably get his neck long again and exaggerate how slim and tall he is.

I think I've managed to get some styles going that I wouldn't nessessarily have even bothered with before, which is cool, cause I feel some kind of progression happening, unlike my last project.

I've given myself three more days to decide on the characters I want to finalise, which I think is plenty of time to establish what sort of direction I'm going in. I just need to get some thumbs out for the title sequence now!

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