Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rainy Day WIP

Here's something I've been working on today. I wanted to do something that was gonna help me practise lighting, and by making it rainy I'll be able to play with all the light hitting wet surfaces and things. Gonna be pretty challenging I reckon.. I also made the guy in it really sad so I can make the picture moody and stuff. I'll draw something happier next time...

So far I've just cleaned up the linework and done some rough base colours, so next will be shadows and some colour correction the depth isn't so great at the moment. I'll post it up once it's done! I'm gonna need to find reference for wet night-time streets...


  1. Am looking forward to seeing this :D am trying to do lighting as well, trying to remember what you taught me lol
    I like the story in the drawing :)