Thursday, 6 October 2011

Zombie Fightin Lady

I wanted to have a go at something in a comic style, and I've been reading World War Z (sooo crazy awesome!) so decided to have a go at a zombie-inspired thingy. I found a stock image for the pose, so I got some drawing practise in too. Not sure if I nailed the lighting but meehh I've spent too long on it now.

In other news, I've put on a stone in weight! I've been like..ridiculously skinny for my whole life and recently I've lost even more weight due to illness. I'm the heaviest I've been in a long time now so yaaay! Crazy pleased. Hopefully I'll get some woman-ly curves going on soon, oh yes. Also I have a job interview tomorrow, if all goes well I'll be working in the lego store. Fingers crossed!

Aaaalso the Puff-ster shed his skin again last night! He's lookin' so handsome and shiny now. I've taken a mouse out for his dinner but it decided to have a brain hemorrhage or something while defrosting, and it's bleeding out of it's nose :/ Errgh. So naahsty. Maybe snakes prefer them bleeding brains out of their nose?..

Edit: Conclusion - snakes really love mice with bleeding noses. First time he's ever done a strike and constrict just like a crazy wild snake! *sniff* So proud of my little baby.

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