Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Life Drawing

I gotta practise drawing men cause they're too damn difficult (in more ways than one...am I right, ladies!? lol, jk). Here are some quick practise drawings. I added a bit of shading on Photoshop to give them a bit more 'oomph'!

I found an amazing life drawing model online, really interesting poses. I'll definitely be working through his gallery and drawing everything!

Ohh, here are some pictures of Puff eating his dinner tonight. These are actually screencaps from a video, sorry about the poor quality, I couldn't grab a decent camera in time and I didn't want to disturb him with the flash! Also sorry if you're a fan of small furry creatures...this one will be snake poop in a couple of days...

You can make out the lump in his stomach in this one:

After they've finished swallowing their food they have to realign their jaw, it looks so ridiculous! But fascinating nonetheless...

Ahh..mega crush on my snake, apologies for that...arts will commence again soon.

Disturbing edit: If you scroll up through the snake pics it looks like he's puking up the mouse. Eerrrrr...


  1. lol this is AWESOME !!!!hahahha all though i do feel a little sick lmao

  2. Yeah that was a lil gross haha, love that 'am I right ladies?' I did a mmhmmm and snapped my fingers a couple times xx