Monday, 8 August 2011

Mimicking Limbo

Now for something new...

To boost my skills as an animation artist, I've decided it would be good practise to take different styles and try and copy them as closely as possible, you know, for if I ever end up doing series work in the future.

This week I've decided to create my own environment design for the game 'Limbo', which is beaauuutiful and I'm so glad it's come out on the PSN.

The whole purpose of choosing this style to start with is that I thought it would be relatively simple...ha! There were some really tricky bits, like the lighting and the shades of grey. I'm not sure I've completely nailed it, and the boy looks a little weird, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. When it started to come together I felt a nice sense of achievement. I used a few pictures from Google to assist me, but this particular layout isn't copied from the game at all. I wanted to try and put elements together but still try and do it myself. I was also lucky I had a perfect film grain texture to use on the top, really brought it all together.

I'll try and attempt something else next week, maybe a new Adventure Time background...

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