Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Return of Narfail

*frantic wave*

Sorry I've not been posting posting lately, I've been working on alot of sketches and things in Uni and haven't got around to scanning it til today! Here are a few sketches, just as proof. I like how some of these ladiez look so might clean a few of them up tonight and do some colouring. I was working on an epic background but it looks a bit poo so it has been scrapped for now.

I went to see True Grit and I loved it to bits, so I'm gonna take tonnes of inspiration from it and get some night time environments done soon!

I have now began work for my personal project. I've decided to be brave and do a short Flash animation, which is currently called 'Narfail'. Here is the narwhal, who was designed in the summer. I'm thinking of doing a more 'Adventure Time' style now though, since I discovered that recently.

I put the rough storyboard up in the summer so if you wanna have a nose you'll find it here. I did a load of sketches for it today and started an expression sheet, so I'll get those up tomorrow. Sorry I haven't got anything significant to put up right now! I have an awesome secret idea for it which I'm looking forward to trying out. I shant say any more! I'm very excited though.

Also, go vote on my fun poll. It's fun.

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