Sunday, 4 July 2010

Storyboard First Draft

Alot of this is subject to change. I could do with some feedback really, storyboards aren't really my strong point. I'm pretty sure I've made up alot of this stuff.

Also, the last two panels aren't blank. I drew them in pencil because I'm sot sure on how to compose the shots. I'm trying to keep everything uber simple and I'm worried about doing something complicated. My scanner doesn't pick up pencil. Or red. Or most things that aren't in ink.

So yeah, I'm not getting marked on it so I know it's nothing to stress about. It's only a bit of fun...she keeps telling herself. It doesn't help that my poor mac is dying. I need to blitz the hard drive I think.

Anyway, enjoy. I'll tidy it up and make a final version soon. I need to remove all my naff handwriting. I guess as long as I can read it, that's all that matters...


  1. Looks alright to me! You've done the camera moves in a different colour - always good. Just make sure you describe them all the time as well, and stick to standard terminology (pan, cut, etc) and you should be golden :)

  2. Thanks Oliver! I'll be making a more 'professional' storyboard soon, so I'll make sure the changes are made on that! :)