Saturday, 18 December 2010

Mars Cave

I've not really posted much Western stuff up lately, but that's because I've been having a break from it to think about it.

All this snow we've been having has made me contemplate about what the snowy area of my Mars western is going to look like. I'm trying to make it look snowy without it looking like somewhere on Earth, and having caves and stuff which would be designed to fit in with the rusty towns.

Now, theoretically, because Mars is so dusty and red, I've been thinking the snow would take on a more creamy/red sort of appearance, rather than white. This image I doodled very, very quickly into Photoshop to try and play around with the colours of this area.

As for lighting, snow reflects alot of it (fun fact: you should wear sunscreen when you go skiing - snow reflects UV rays) so the shadows aren't going to be as intense on the ground. I think it'll be a nice break from rust and dusty towns.

I'm trying to think of a good way to light Mars at night still. I want to go down the neon route without ripping off Tron too much..

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