Friday, 17 December 2010

Heatwave! Yay!

Aw man, I'm loving* this awesome** British summer*** weather we're having! I got up this morning**** and opened the curtains and I saw the beautiful warm sunshine***** and thought to myself, "man, I should go out in that!"****** So, I went to the beach******* and had an awesome time******** and thought I'd draw this picture to sum up how amazing********* this time of the year is!

Here's my business card so far:


* - neutrally minded about
** - ridiculous
*** - December
**** - afternoon
***** - 90ft of snow
****** - "man, I'm going back to bed."
******* - Tesco
******** - bought food
********* - unpredictable

Oh, wanna see something stupid? :)

...ahahahah he hates us now.

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