Saturday, 20 November 2010

Storyboard Thing

Here's some After Effects stuff. I've started roughing out a storyboard for Monday for the tutors, cause they want to talk about ideas. I need to come up with a title for my Space Western, and I'm not really having any luck. I want something quirky and original but not cheesy.

I want to do a 30 second Western-style standoff type thing, with a bit of basic animation. I'm focusing on the depthy stuff for this project, cause I've decided I really like lens blurs. I want to have a go at minimalising my bg's too. I'd probably only need about 3/4 for this project if I use this idea.

I also did this breath test. Looks a bit rubbish but I didn't use a tutorial for the breath, cause my trial version of After Effects doesn't have the right plug in or something, so I kind of modified what I'd learnt from a smoke tutorial I was using in the week.

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