Thursday, 11 November 2010

Old men, horses and cards

Here's some miscellaneous work and things, most of it is rather scribbly so I'm sorry about that. My tutors sorta encourage me to actually show them this stuff because it shows progress, so I'm trying to get in a habit of keeping everything, rather than throwing it all out like I did last year.

These are a bunch of sketchbook sketches. Most of the stuff in my sketchbooks at the moment are things I've coloured or thumbs to get movement sorted, so I don't really have many decent, web worthy sketches to show you. I'll be cleaning up what's there so I should have some pretty, coloured stuff up on here either tomorrow or...soon.

I kinda like the old man. He may become some sort of character. I have a page of faces I did which I have to scan in, so I'll put that up soon.

Here's some blueprint-y type thing for the robot horse. I have a broken up Flash file ready to animate, but I'm focusing on important stuff like backgrounds and characters at the moment. Any animation will most likely be done over Christmas.

I got shown these awesome, awesome, AWESOME backgrounds from Samurai Jack recently and I fell in love with them a little bit. I really wanna have a go at doing some backgrounds in that style, just for fun. Here's one I started buuut I got scared. I'll do a better one soon.

Lastly, a rough layout for my business card, which is in the process of being vectored and made 3D. The design is going to basically be a playing card, with an image on the front and all the writing in the back. I want the writing to be designed like the back of a playing card, so I'll come up with some ideas for that soon. I'm gonna use the 8 Bit font I've used for my blog banner, cause I love it lots.

I think that's everything. I'll get some more finished looking stuff up soon.


  1. that is a awesome business card... and I never say awesome. I love the design.

  2. Aw man thankyou Rhys! Means alot!

    You need to let me know how your work exp. and stuff is going!