Monday, 8 November 2010

Bits and Pieces...

I felt like drawing a female character. I wanted to redesign the typical saloon/bar girl and have a break from using orange. Looks a little bit Tron like, but that can't be a bad thing really.

Cleaned up the initial sketch on Flash, cause I really love the line quality you get from it, although it does take a long time. I might go fineliner shopping this week and see if I can find something that will help me get that line quality by hand. lol, fineliner shopping. I love being an artist.

I've been writing up the environment for where my story is gonna take place too. This is what I have so far. It's not the most in depth bit of writing but it's definitely helping me get some environment stuff done in my head.

Approx. half of the planet was inhabited by humans, with a major city built at the base of it’s volcano, Olympus Mons. Other smaller cities were built near Valles Marineris, Mars’ largest canyon, which later became a body of water once the ice caps started melting. The canyon is still filled with water during the time the narrative takes place, although there are now uninhabitable areas around Olympus Mons, due to the radiation and dangerous building ruins.

The majority of the survivors began rebuilding smaller Western/shanty towns out of what they could collect from the destroyed cities, and building them in the relatively undisturbed half of Mars, which I picture as an area similar to the Australian outback.

The towns would be built relatively far apart from each other, as the residents on Mars would have their own conflicts. Because of the radiation, some of the residents would have lost their minds and be dangerous and erratic people, and believe that the refugees from Earth are stealing their land, resources etc. making my protagonist journey a potentially unsafe one.

During the terraforming process, the atmosphere on Mars would have begun to transform into a similar atmosphere on Earth, with breathable, slightly warmer climate, and eventually different weather events. However, some of this terraforming would have been reversed, as the machinery helping to transform the planet would have been destroyed. The air would be less breathable and although the atmosphere would be stable, it would be slowly transforming back to its original Mars state. As a result, my characters would need breathing equipment, but maybe full suits wouldn’t be necessary. Its gravity is slightly lower than on Earth, so character and vehicle movements would probably be slower.

As well as the newly formed bodies of water, formed by the melting ice on Mars, scientists would have tried introducing plant life onto the planet. Mars’ soil supposedly contains the necessary minerals suitable for plant growth, and so I can imagine areas where the scientists would have grown forests near the water, and introduced ‘tough’ plants, such as the ones used to desert climates (cacti?), to the Mars desert.

Finally, I have a bit of collab work! My good friend and animator Tom was talking to me about beards the other day, and drew me this space cowboy with a massive beard, which I coloured :) Thanks Tom! Hope you like it...

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