Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Some lines and Halloween Costume Progress

I'm so happy to have started Pre Production! I've done some research and am in the progress of finalising my story. I've got the back story all sorted though!

This is a concept I spent an entire day working on. When I got home and after an hour spent colouring it, I realised the perspective was really horribly off and I hadn't scanned it at a high enough res to fix it on Photoshop, so this will be finished on another day. There's so much detail on it I don't really want to redraw the section that's wrong. I'm a bit peeved because I really have spent a day on this and was looking forward to colouring it. Gahh!

It's Halloween soon, and so I am in the process of making an epic Halloween constume! In homage to my love of dinosaurs, I am going as a dinosaur. Because the theme is Sci Fi horror, I'm going as a ROBOT dinosaur!

It took me about 3 hours to do the cardboard skeleton, (don't worry, I didn't come up with the base myself. I found a picture of the skeleton someone else did and just copied that) and an hour to stick the base orange paper on. I got PVA glue and it reminded me of primary school and I got all nostalgic.

It's not going to be orange when it's done! I'm going to make a load of tin-foil scales and stuff.

...and here's loads of ducks! I pass them every day and I always end up in fits of giggles when I see them, because I find the fact there's so many of them hilarious.

...what does it MEAN?

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