Thursday, 21 October 2010

200th Post! I win.

Aw man I'm having an awesome time at Uni lately. I'm so glad to be back I'm relishing in it so much! I think it's partly because this is the VERY last year, and maybe the last year I get to see some of the awesome friends I've made whilst I've been here. I'm gonna miss them all so much when it's over, but I have no doubt we'll end up staying in contact with eachother anyway. I hope! I really want to make the most of it.

ANYWAY, enough of that! There's an entire year of WORK left to do!

Now, I've got to be honest, my story isn't exactly pinned down yet and I'm struggling to make what's in my head simple enough for me and the tutors to understand. I really want to push the boat out and get a really awesome art of book done, with loads of dynamic poses and epic backgrounds, and I feel the only way to achieve this is by doing a really awesome story.

I scribbled (literally) a storyboard down yesterday for a possible intro piece. This isn't going to be used much, but it's to help me understand the characters I'm creating and their motives. I cleaned it up today and really REALLY quickly blocked out some colours and things. I'm hoping to present this at our first Sweatbox on Monday.

As for the main story, it's going to involve my protagonist and his search for the guy who killed his father. Oh, he's the same guy who destroyed Earth. At the end I want them to have an epic laser battle and for my protagonist to drag the guy out into the Mars desert, and tell him to get out of his sight forever, laser pointed at his forehead. I pitched the idea to a few of my friends and they suggested that I don't just kill the bad guy at the end. I want to keep everything relatively easy to understand, but make it epic at the same time.

This is a concept I drew up yesterday, and finished colouring today. My tutors want me to try out some different styles, so from tomorrow onwards I shall be drawing more Sci Fi elements and in several different styles.

It's a Steampunk inspired robot horse! I will attempt a pose sheet and some tack designs soon.

Here's a background concept I shall colour tomorrow. I might rough out some keys and stuff before finialising it. One of my tutors suggested folding a piece of A1 paper up and folding it into squares and doing a different thumnail in each square. Sounds like a good idea!

Finally, here's my robot dinosaur costume so far! I've started sticking on the tin foil scales and he has teeth now! Once the tin foil is done, I'll make bridges for the eyes and stick the eyes on. I'll then get hold of some UV paint and get some robotic looking stuff on it. This is the most effort I've ever put into a Halloween costume ever!

Oh, I've finally hit 200 posts! Woohoo! :)

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