Friday, 1 October 2010

Panning shot...still not finished

(Note: Look at your keyboard. See that letter in between the Z and the C doesn't work on this keyboard. Also, that very important symbol you put at the end of questions doesn't work. Bare with me in this blog entry, you may need to decode some of it.)

We had a (really awesome!) lecture today so I didn't quite get this done. Spent a few hours on it getting it to this point. For some reason the images didn't line up when I put them together, so had to manually line them up which was rather annoying. I need to fiKS (broken key! Sorry) some of the shadows and add a tonne of lighting and get some of the original colour back. Then teCKStures! Hopefully I'll have it all done tomorrow so I can start putting buttons and things all over it.

I have a dissertation to sort out too. I've been doing bits to it but I really should crack on with it. I'm sure it'll all be fine once I've started writing it!

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