Thursday, 30 September 2010

Flash Background Stuff

I've spent pretty much all of today getting my backgrounds done for the Flash interface I'm going to start soon. I started off with three A4 sketches, which I then took it onto Flash to draw in the lines. There are technically three wide screen backgrounds here, which in theory should form one long panning background. So far I've managed to get them up to the point where I can put them together and start putting shadows and things on.

These are the base colours. It's set at night so what I've done is got a few pictures of the Mojave Desert and some dead trees and stuff and referenced the colours, which I will then make night time later on before adding shadows and moonlight and grungy textures. Then numerous buttons and interactiveness and animation on Flash.

Not 100% happy at the moment. I'm worried that the lines aren't going to look good (long story short, Flash CS4 wouldn't let me export my images earlier, which I had spent a grand total of 6 hours outlining after numerous crashes and brush malfunctions. The lines look nice at 100% but no where near the HD quality I was after.) Hopefully with a day sat on Photoshop tomorrow I can get these looking good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Flash behaving itself too. I'm going to get the panning buttons on tomorrow but the file's pretty humongous. I'm surprised my ancient copy of CS opened it at all just now!

I'm looking forward to getting the shadows on it and the lighting. This is by far the widest background I've ever worked on, and it's not a style I'm used to working in. Challenge ahoy methinks! I have an overlay to do yet too...

Here's what it will look like all together, with colour of course.

My sketches haven't been scanned in, but I will do that eventually. I keep all my designs in Uni now you see. Now though, I need sleep.

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