Thursday, 7 October 2010

More interface stuff

Here's the updated version.

I changed the crow's colour because he didn't look robot enough, and put in some 'whirry' sound effects. I also changed the lightning effects. I'm not 100% sure about this new lightning if I'm honest, but I'll talk to the tutors and see what they think. There's also some signposts to indicate to the user where to click things but I need to be a bit cleverer about it I think.

It was suggested today that the interface user could go into the church, just to make it more interactive, so I did this background. I'll make a little map thing tomorrow and decide what to put on it. The lighting looks weird at the moment but I need to add movie clips and buttons and fairy lights (yes, you read that correctly). I then need to figure out how to link buttons to extra scenes. I have a cunning plan which may work so I'll have a go tomorrow.

I'm going to draw and colour something fun now, to give myself a little break from Flash.

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