Saturday, 23 October 2010

Getting my story on...

I've just written up the first draft of my back story, and I'm happy it's all coming together now. There's a few plot holes in it which I'm sure a few of my friends will pick out (you know who you are! :)), but I'm sure after a few discussions I can fill them up. I've got a REALLY condensed version of the basic plot I'm using here, along with some bits of Mars research I completed today. So yeah, if you can be bothered, give it a read and let me know what you think so far. It's a bit of a mess of the moment so bare that in mind.

It is the year 2268, and planet Earth is running out of valuable resources. Scientists spent years scouring the planet for backup resources, but to no avail, and so had no choice but to expand their search to other planets. Fortunately, a huge amount of [fuel source] was discovered on the planet Mars, enough to provide Earth with fuel for hundreds of years.

A group of scientists and engineers were sent to Mars to begin terraforming the planet, and to start construction on a city and extensive mining facilities. Once the construction was completed, fuel would be transported back to Earth.

Years later, and Mars’ mining facilities were flourishing. Not only was the planet providing Earth with it’s fuel sources, it’s government was making billions of dollars, and had even started building homes for people searching for a better way of life.

Eventually, Earth, now globally struck with poverty, could no longer keep up the payments, and Mars’ government closed all communications with Earth, stopping all fuel payments to the planet.

Earth’s people and government decided to revolt against Mars, and the two planets rapidly went to war with each other. Earth used its technologically advanced nuclear weapons, and blew up Mars’ mining facilities, cities and killed many of its residents. The radiation contaminated the terraformed land and made the majority of the survivors loose their minds.

Mars’ president retaliated by sending a huge missile on course to Earth, which would destroy it. Very few people managed to escape the planet before it’s destruction, and are now trying to survive amongst the remaining residents on Mars, helping to rebuild the planet and begin a new existence.

[Protagonist’s name] is a refugee from Earth, who managed to flee the planet before it’s destruction thirty years ago. His family unfortunately didn’t escape, and were killed when the planet was destroyed. He was taken in and brought up by a Mars family, and later began working in the family’s robotic horse company, where he gained skills in robotics and laser weaponry.

He is haunted by the prominent image of his home planet exploding, along with the death of his parents, and has been waiting for the completion of his custom made robotic horse vehicle, so he can efficiently seek out the people, or person, responsible for the death of his parents, and his planet.

The story follows this man’s quest to search for the president’s son, so he can seek his revenge on him. However, the president’s son has lost his mind from nuclear radiation, making him a dangerous and erratic man. Our protagonist will need to gain the trust of the locals to keep track of his location, and find some followers along the way to help take him down.

The protagonist’s love interest, and fellow robot engineer, has also gone missing since his search for the president’s son, and believes he may be responsible for her capture, and may be on the run with her.

Okay, so I've doodled a few Mars concepts but I had only really looked at photographs of Mars. I thought it would be a good idea to actually research the planet itself. If any scientists are reading this, I am so, so sorry about my ridiculous understanding of Mars:

So, it's really cold.
Apparently in the heat of it's summer it rarely gets above freezing. However, it was brought to my attention by one of my classmates that the scientists have been terraforming and creating an atmosphere on Mars, so in theory the temperature would be a bit higher. I could probably get away with putting my characters in jackets and stuff, but not t-shirts. Their clothing would have to fit in with the climate!

It has ice on it. In my mind, I was going to create these big snowy areas, but apparently it's all ice up there. I might draw up these weird looking ice plains or something.

It is COVERED in craters.
I'm assuming it's because Mars doesn't have an atmosphere like Earth's, so meteorites and things wouldn't burn up. But yeah, I'll need to add evidence of these craters on my backgrounds.

It's red because it's, basically, rust.
I had this idea that the scientist had planted forests and things in the soil, but they didn't 'take' so there are all these dead trees and stuff everywhere.

It's reasonably flat. I had a play around on Google Mars earlier, and apart from the odd canyon and the mountain, it all looks reasonably flat to me. I might be wrong though...

It's air is mostly carbon dioxide.
I want to put space helmet type things on my characters to make them more sci-fi. Even though the planet has been terraformed, it's been nuked, so the atmosphere would be disintegrating very slowly, because all the terraforming STUFF would have been destroyed, and so the air wouldn't be as breathable as it was.

So yeah, there's all the writing I can handle for tonight. Here's some colouring in I did earlier!

Tomorrow, I've got to sort out a slideshow with all this stuff on for the sweatbox on Monday. Part of me is looking forward to it, but I'm always a little nervous of standing up in front of people. I guess it's something we need to get used to if we wanna work in the industry!

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