Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Quest For Depth

I want to nail this 3D stuff for my Art Of book. I'm hoping to create 3D images with depth.

I doodled this picture VERY roughly:

which I then vectored really quickly:

I then broke apart all the layers and created 3D anaglyphs out of each section. This was as for as I got before it all stopped working:

For those without 3D glasses handy, the dinosaur/Godzilla type creature is supposed to stand out from the buildings. I did try getting some floating text above him but I sorta gave up. I needed to multiply the buildings in front which would make them transparent, so not the effect I was after.

I enroll tomorrow for my final year of Uni. Where on Earth did second year go?

In the meantime, more Red Dead Redemption I think.


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