Tuesday, 21 September 2010

More Space Cowboys!

Next years idea may not be a space western sci fi thing, but whatever it turns into it has to have cowboys in it somewhere, even if it's about Godzilla or dinosaurs or...cats. I've watched too many cowboy films lately! Also, I've wasted the past week playing Red Dead Redemption again. I was pretty much done with the game (finished it, hated the ending, turned it off disgustedly and left it alone) but I decided to load up an old save and have some fun on it, and I'm now hooked again. Last night I started playing at 10pm or something, looked at the clock at about 1am and thought to myself "just one more stranger mission..." then before you know it, it was 5am. All summer I could have played the stupid game but no, had to get hooked again two days before I go back to Uni. Pfffffffttthhlllp!

Anyway, rant over. Here's a cowboy in space! I did two versions. One with just shadows and one with all the gradients and textures and stuff on it. Personally, I kind of like the one without the textures, but maybe that's cause I spent ages looking at the one with textures.

Tonight, no gaming for me. I'm going to drink copious amounts of Sambuca and dance to awful music! Gotta make the most of my last year being a student, amiright? Woohoo!

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