Thursday, 9 September 2010

More sketches

Here's some more attempts. Some of the poses I'm really struggling with! Must keep practicing...

Oh, my scanner let me down again. They're slightly better on paper.

This may be my last post for a few days, so I won't be clogging up your blog updates page for a while (yay! I hear you all saying...). I'm off to see Muse in Lahndan (London) so that should be fun! I've seen them before and they were very impressive. Although, I don't tend to like larger venues cause they're not as intimate as the smaller ones. I think Wembley Stadium is as big as they get...ah well, should be awesome! I'm really looking forward to wandering around London too. I got a free day on Saturday so I might drag my friends to the science museum or something. Or the IMAX! I'm gonna take loads of pictures too so I can draw them! Best bit? Hotel pizza!

Here's a doodle of me being excited about Muse. I'm not this excited now, but I have a feeling when I'm on the coach tomorrow morning I'm gonna be a complete mess of excitement...


  1. Pic of you looks just like you :D hope you had fun at MUSE :P

  2. whooop pink scarf :D enjoy muse, it'll be epic!!! Also, nice drawings :) we should get together and do life-drawing-ness sometime :D the one of you is so you :P