Monday, 13 September 2010

London! In pictures.

I have returned from London, and am now all inspired and ready to get some more ideas down.

Here are some really questionable doodles I drew whilst sitting in a park. I did attempt some life drawing, but we had just been to the Natural History museum and my head was full of dinosaurs and volcanoes and rocks and stuff. I was probably more excited about the dinosaurs then the little kids in there! I took a bunch of photos of the dinosaur skeletons to draw so I'll get those up after I've drawn them.

We also went to the Imperial War Museum, and it inspired me a heck of alot more than I thought it would. They had rooms with all the posters and propaganda and stuff and I fell in love with the designs and everything. I bought myself some postcards in the gift shop for my wall in Uni. I really, really, really want to incorporate them into my work next year! I'm in love with all that war time/vintage kind of stuff anyway but I've had a good look at some of the less iconic posters too, so I have a better idea of what these posters look like.

Finally, some random snaps from the Muse concert, which was indeed epic. The stage was insane! There was a food thingy outside called 'Divine Sausage', which caused mass hilarity. There's one photo of the London Eye too, just because.

Other highlights included FORBIDDEN PLANET. Oh my god. I was in heaven. If only I had money! It put the Cardiff one to shame. So much awesome stuff! They had a Weyland-Yutani shirt (if you know where that's from, you win a prize) and loads of art of books and just...everything! I have to go back there with cash. I didn't leave empty handed though. I bought myself an Iron Man Oyster card holder, which I'm sure caused boring Oyster card holders to be most jealous. I hope. Seriously though, it's my new favourite place in the world. The guy at the counter had an awesome mustache too!

The underground had giant Red Dead Redemption posters in it too. Like, really massive. On the way back to the hotel, this one guy behind us passed the poster and started singing the song that plays at the end of the game really loudly and it made my day that bit more awesome :)

More drawing now! I can't WAIT to go back to Uni. I'm so excited!

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