Thursday, 19 August 2010


Yeah it's like...3am again and I want to be in Uni tomorrow so will have sleep again. I can't wait for my sleeping pattern to be forced back into normality when I start Uni properly again.

I've been working on something secret...and interactive...and utterly awesome.

Here's a teaser:

Ooooo what could it be! I'm so excited about it, but mainly because I get to use Flash again.

I love drawing. It's fun. I also love colouring in. That's fun too. But when I'm sat making buttons and movie clips and writing out memorised Action Script, I feel so wonderfully geeky. I've always wanted to try something in this style too, so I feel like I can tick that off my list of styles-I've-wanted-to-try-but-have-been-too-scared-to.

But yeah, I will finish it, then post up the whole thing :)

Now though, sleep!

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