Thursday, 19 August 2010

Poster Inspiration

This post is mainly for Mat and Darren, who are also redesigning posters over the summer, but maybe someone else will like them.

I found some minimal posters I thought you guys might like. Apologies if you've already seen them..

These ones are by Justin D. Russo. This guy I think just makes them for fun, but he's done some minimalist ones based on video games as well as some movie ones. There's not an awful lot like this on his blog, so I'll upload some of them here..

I'm pretty sure I've seen some Toy Story ones like these, which I just assumed were by the same guy. I'll try and find them. I thought they were a pretty awesome idea!

The other artist is Steve Thomas. I won't bother putting any images up cause it's all on his blog, but he has this kind of retro style.

Happy poster-ing!

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