Monday, 21 June 2010

Awwww yeah!!

I've just found my new favourite artist! THIS GUY!

Aw, wow. I was going to redesign movie posters over the summer as a kind of personal project, and my Mum is already collecting movie posters so we have a bunch of them in the house. But this guy has completely thrown me off course! I'm still gonna do some redesigning of my own, because I did lots of stuff on typography and graphic design whilst I was at college and am really keen to keep it going. It's fun!

Oh, and the first image of the spaceman was just awesome so I thought I'd throw this in too :) Different artist but similarly awesome style...

I had to include the Aliens poster, just because I'm arguably the biggest Alien/s/3 nerd ever.

To the sketchbook!

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