Sunday, 3 January 2010

Some more design work

Here is a small collection of doodles I've done over the last few weeks. I've been trying to stay off Flash (and the computer in general) for the Doctor Who redesigning and focusing on very roughly getting ideas down, so I can practise developing them. I nearly went into Photoshop and tidied up all these scans by taking the scribbled off bits and weaker designs off, but I realised this is all part of the developing process and decided to keep them in :)

Here are my Doctor, Rose and Donna Noble scribbles:

The thing about the Doctor's companions is that they're full of attitude, and I really want to make that apparent in these designs. I've enjoyed drawing Donna more, and feel her attitude came out a bit more when I was roughly doodling her, so I've decided she will be the companion to do. I also can't wait to exaggerate those hoop earrings and expressions she pulls!

Donna and the Doctor are both prooving to be more difficult to exaggerate than the monsters, probably because they're already exaggerated! Plus I still want them to look human. I'm still not quite sure what style I want to do them in. I will probably sit down with some markers and paper and piece together bits I like from the scribbles and see what happens.

Here are two more scribbles. There are old Unicorn designs for the collab and a scribble for the Nightmare Before Christmas idea I was going to do.

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