Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Chosen Intro - Nightmare Before Christmas

I was having trouble finding something I wanted to do for my title sequence, until I started researching existing animated title sequences, and was reminded of the Nightmare Before Christmas.

This film is still awesome, and I have decided to have a go at doing a new sequence for it. I have some great ideas for how I want it to look and really want to get stuck into some concepts.

(Note: This stuff is for a concept image and to help me with my colour script. I will try not to run with it all and promise to develop it!)

This unsightly scribble does have some meaning to it:

I did this on Photoshop this evening, to try and get a sort of composition sorted out. I had this image of everything curved and in lines, and if it were animated, the camera would swoop through the gates and buildings and things, which would all look cut out an textured and stylised Tim Burton style. So at the bottom, I have sort of scribbled out a path with a wall and a gate, followed by a 'town' with houses, and then Jack's house on it's hill, and then the trademark curled hill in front of the moon.

I then did some thumbnails:

I like 1 and 4 the best. 1 was just a quick scribble, and 4 I used colours from the image at the top from the film. I really like the blue tints and the colour of the hill in the back, but I think the moon works better with the bright yellow, rather than the washed out yellow.

As for textures, I have found loads of really nice grungy and papery textures which I want to use. I'm probably going to do a sketch of the concept image and then mess about with it on Photoshop. I'm using a similar technique for my Doctor Who characters, so I'll try not to make the style of this look too similar to that.

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