Saturday, 26 December 2009

Change of direction...

Okay, as it's Christmas, and I'm fortunate enough to live at home with my Mum, who has Sky Movies, I have spent most of my holidays watching movies, particularly the animations. Kung Fu Panda has been on lots, so I took some time out to 'study' it :)

I think the bits that really, really stand out for me are the intro and the credits. I used to work in Cineworld and when this came out I would stand in awe watching the credits (and cleaning popcorn off the seats, of course).

I was thinking how effective the style was, and the contrast between that style and the 3D world created this sort cover feel.

So, I've actually decided to scrap my original idea for the title sequence!

I want to pay homage to the Kung Fu Panda credits and I'm no longer doing the Nightmare Before Christmas, as I'm finding it too difficult to change it! Instead I'm thinking of doing the title sequence from a TV series, which means coming up with a new idea. I am tempted to go back to House, but the fact I struggled to redesign the characters makes me reluctant to do it. I might choose some sort of series without reaccuring characters, such as a reality show or something like Total Wipeout or Come Dine With Me. I'm not a great lover of reality TV, so I need something I can easily make fun of. Nothing serious like Strictly Come Dancing :P

At the moment, I'm tempted to do either Crystal Maze or Takeshi's Castle - something gameshowy but with running themes. Although, now I've thought about Come Dine With Me...

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