Friday, 5 April 2013

Finished Cover

Hey all!

I've haven't worked on my comic much, I needed a little break from it because I was worried that I was starting to rush things. Anyway, here's my cover! I haven't added the title to it yet. I tried to get it to look a bit more fancy and have a painted sorta look to it. I'm happy with how it looks though!

I've managed to sprain my knee and can't walk on it for a couple of days. I can sorta hobble though! Today's the first day since I've injured it that I can sit at my desk without it hurting so things must be on the mend. I just had a wander outside in search of a knee brace (they put cotton wool in my bandage, and I absolutely detest the stuff. Every time I accidentally touched it with my hand it made me I needed to replace that...) I felt like an absolute idiot on my crutches in public. I can't wait to be rid of the things!

11 pages of comic left. Let's do this!

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