Monday, 11 March 2013

All the pages (so far...)

I've been so, so busy lately and not had time to work on this! I have a week off work so I'm using the time to catch up with friends and let my hair down (trust me, I've needed it..) I also got Book of Mormon tickets! I'm such a massive South Park fan, and have been waiting for it to come to the UK. It's not until August but aarghh so excited already!

I decided I needed a little bit of a pick me up with the comic - I've been having loads of doubts about whether it's good enough/whether I want to finish it etc. etc. Mostly confidence stuff. So put all the pages together so I can see the amount of work I've done so far. I started it about four months ago, and this has really given me a boost to finish it! So, I squeezed another page out this morning, and will hopefully get it nearly finished by the end of this week...fingers crossed...

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