Sunday, 6 January 2013

Next Page!

Here's the next page :)

This is actually page 2 of my comic, I'm going to start drawing them in sequence now. I'm planning on sorting out a tumblr so I can upload it as a webcomic. Then when it's done, I'll get some physical copies  printed :)

I've completed 6 pages so far, and do not plan on stopping. I've roughly planned the story out now as opposed to just 'winging' it like I have been so far...whoops. I won't give anything away, but it has a nice (and bizarre) ending. It's currently about 60 pages long, and hasn't got the most original storyline but it's mainly practise for when I start applying for jobs again (which will be very, very soon). Hopefully it'll show some form of storytelling/storyboards etc. Show off my skillz, yo.

So yeah, keep checking back - I aim to complete a page every couple of days.

Oh, have this rubbish doodle of a girl wearing a wolf skin too -

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  1. this is really cool amy :D love her expression and pose