Saturday, 22 December 2012

Comic Rough


It's sooo close to Christmas isn't it? What have you guys been doing to celebrate? I've been busy getting drunk and stuffing myself full of sugary things. We went food shopping for Christmas today. Our snack table looks immense :) I think I'm going to go open the turkish delight later...

I also got a brand new computer! So I can make things again! I'm very excited! I'm a little bit intimidated by it because it's super fancy, but Photoshop is running nicely and I even dabbled on Flash and it's speedy. It's also really nice having a huuuge screen to work on instead of my tiny laptop screen that I've been using for the last five years :)

Anyway, here's a rough-out of a page from a comic I'm working on. I've been roughing out a couple of pages and it's taking aaaages. I'm trying to clean it up on Photoshop but it doesn't feel as free as when you clean up on paper. But I'm getting there! I have a real strong idea of what I want it to look like, just gotta make it happen. My boyfriend got me a model of a T Rex for Xmas and it's awwwesome for reference! I've been drawing T Rexes all evening :)

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