Monday, 19 November 2012

Woohoo I uploaded it

 Click here to play!

(Note: Click on play full size mode. Otherwise it's pathetically small.)

Oh yeah I spent all of one entire night making this piece of rubbish. Enjoy!

I also have a better game but you would of have to have seen Breaking Bad to appreciate it. Actually, I don't even think that will help.

I've been busy again! I went to London with a bunch of awesome people and there were dinosaurs and Chinese food and alcohol and terrifying M&M's and science! It was great. Michaela, let us come back soon!

Also this is my 400th blog post! I obviously don't go outside enough! Actually I had more than 400 but I did a spring clean on it and deleted some.


  1. Monkeys wear fezzes not tophats! Pleez upload the other game, I love BB.

  2. Haha, monkeys can wear all manner of hats!

    I will upload the Breaking Bad day...