Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tyrannosawrus Rex

 John requested I put this up so I did :) I think he's more responsible for the creation of it..

I think a new comic book series! What d'ya reckon?

Hope you guys are having a good Halloween! With sugary things and scary movies. I spent mine watching Skyfall and getting soaking wet in the rain waiting for my bus. Alright I'll admit it, Skyfall was pretty good, and I'm not a Bond person (I still thought Looper and Dredd were better though but shhh...).

Have some doodles of Business Cat too (I'm too lazy to scan them yet). He's another character I created to go alongside Aviator Cat. In the left drawing I think he's either having a panic attack, a heart attack, or he's hacking up a hairball. You decide.

I have a whole backstory for Business Cat, but I won't bore you with it just yet!

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