Monday, 5 March 2012

Giant Turtle!

I've had barely any time lately to just sit down and DRAW. I have a couple of days off work so thought I'd blow the dust off my sketchbooks and take a break from science. What's really frustrating is I'm now torn between my love of doodling and my love of science. Perhaps it's time to combine them into some kind of...mutant...arty sciencey...thing. I'll have to keep reminding myself the science is just til I have enough cash to do art full time!

I shall try and update this blog more - it's bothering me leaving it unattended! A lot has happened since my last update, I cut all my hair off (well, I didn't do it...), I've discovered SKYRIM! (WAAAAAAAA so incredible!), went to a club that just played dubstep and it was possibly the most bizarre and greatest night ever, named my python Rocko and have read many, many books. And tomorrow - I'm going to the zoo! I'll draw the animals and put them up here :)

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