Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bedsheet Fort

I've been so rubbish updating my blog lately! I have got quite a few drawings, none of them are coloured though and I currently have no internet on my Mac, so updates will happen slowly for the time being. I got a bit of collab work and freelance work coming up though (yay!) so art will occur.

A few things have happened since the last update. Sad news first, Mister Puff the snake has gone to snakey heaven. He died on Friday after having a tough couple of months. He was an amazing little snake - I shall miss him! RIP Puff x

In his place I have purchased an absolutely amazing baby Royal Python, who is currently nameless. He's a bit grouchy as he's due his first shed, but Royals are known for being really chilled snakes so I doubt I'll get bitten any time soon. He's gonna be a monster when he's all grown up - he's already kinda big for 8 months! I look forward to going for walks with him draped around my neck :)

I thought I'd mix it up a teensy bit this week and do a little step-by-step thing.
I also really, really, really wanna build a bedsheet fort in my room now. Gahh!

1. Lineart

2. Base colours

3. Light source/lights

4. Blocked out shadows

5. Light/shadow gradients

6. Colour correction & touch-ups

7. Texture and final image :)

So yeah, that's how I do it!

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