Saturday, 5 November 2011

Background Design

Urrghh I've been in work and have had no time to colour anything and it's been kiiiiiiiiiiilling meeee! All I do is think of things I wanna draw and then go to find a pen and realise I'm holding a pipette and a test tube and feel like they're taunting me with their lack of...drawing..ness. Luckily I've been taking my sketchbook in with me so have been doodling on my breaks. I'll scan some of them in one's mostly pirates and dinosaurs though. Pretty sure there's enough of those on my blog.

Here's something I drew a few days ago and coloured it today. Feels so good to have done something in colour! Tried to experiment with colours in this one. Made it dark so I could cheat the shadows too. I thought it came out pretty cool, looks like some kind of headhunter/zombie/jungle setting. Maybe I'll do more like this.

It's BONFIRE NIGHT tomorrow! They're all sparkly and make loud noises, what's not to love? Hope y'all are doing summat fun.

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  1. AWESOME! Sweet lighting and texture work dude, I love it!