Monday, 17 October 2011

Finished Jungle Room!

If you're a regular visitor to my blog, you may have read previously that I had been designing a nursery for my aunt's baby. Well, baby is now very much on it's way and this weekend I went to paint the room to make sure it was ready in time!

I tried to make it look minimal as I've been in some 'theme' rooms and oh dear god they were so horrendous - all filled with dark clashing colours and sponge effects. Noooo! So yeah, I wanted to stay clear of that kind of thing. My aunt and her husband are pretty modern people, so it needed to look nice for them too. So I chose some softer shades and a couple of greens, just to make it all look clean and cute. Thankfully they'd already painted the walls a nice neutral colour to work on. We cheated a bit with the colours, we bought the predominant colours in wall paint and the other colours were bog-standard poster paints which we mixed into the wall paint, to save costs if anything. It was so weird mixing paints - it was like hands on Photoshop! I'm usually completely afraid of traditionally painting things so this gave me some good practice, if anything.

We used some tape to get the lines on the trees straight and clean and then (carefully!) layered everything else on top. I made a rubbish little sketch as a plan to work out the layers. I did start out drawing the shapes onto the walls but after a while the pencil lines got annoying to look at so I just ended up painting straight onto the walls. Any mistakes could be painted over after :) The whole thing took about two days, not that long as the base colour was already on the walls.

It was such good fun and I'm so happy with how it came out. The father-to-be is a pretty awesome photographer so he's going to take some good pictures of it, which can go into my portfolio. In the mean time, have my amateur, wonky camera phone ones..

(Spot Puff! He needed to be included.)

I'm totally doing a new comic book too. Page one will happen soon!


  1. This is looking awesome :) jungle bedroom wooohoooooo

  2. So awesome! I thought they we wall stickers at first and wanted to talk about wall stickers, you could design them! Anyway, I want this room haha xx

  3. Wow, I want you to paint my room!