Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Stuff stuff stuff

Hellooo, very long time no post! Lots has happened. I'll try and fill you in.

So a few weeks ago I turned 21. That's kind of a big deal. I can gamble all my birthday money in Las Vegas if I want to. Woo!

I graduated from Uni with a first class honours! Woooo! I got a nice certificate and got to wear a funny hat for the day and look all academic and grown up. Then ate loads of pizza and chocolates and watched films in my pyjamas.

Plans now are to get my CV looking awesome and intensively look for a job. Fingers crossed! I'd really like to use up the billions of business cards I got printed too. I've got a little work experience coming up...although it's going to be nothing to do with animation...more science. It's still work experience I guess!

Now for some artwork. I've not really got a lot to post up that looks nice and coloured. Here's a little drawing of a happy lady in a dinosaur hat..

Whilst on holiday I did some reading too, something I probably should do more of. I read just over half of The Lost World, and I stole my friend's book The Hunger Games after he read it. It was super awesome! I had a go at trying to draw my own character from it. I know this isn't the most dynamic of drawings but it was kinda fun to do something quick and messy. I'll do a better version soon.

Ohh I wanna do some LA Noire fanart too. I've really gotten into the game. I don't think I'll ever love it as much as Red Dead though.

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